Westbeach Snowflex Series Hits Halifax

Here’s the first of this year’s Westbeach Snowflex Freestyle Series edits from that there dryslope of dryslopes Halifax.

A tasty little edit from Onboard filmer Will Nangle no less, with his signature dubstep “brick in a washing machine” soundtrack!

As you’d expect, the film is nicely shot and edited, and gives a good overall feel of the day.


3rd – Cerys Allen 2nd – Becky Menday 1st – Katy Ormerod


2nd – Anna Beswick 1st – Liz Osborn

3rd – Fin Bremner 2nd Matt Correy 1st Matt McCormick

3rd – Si Cudlip 2nd Jesse Smith 1st Danny McCormick

Stepchild ‘Child Support’ Rail Jam – Stepchild Jibstick
Marc McClement

Whitelines & TSA Best Unsponsored Snowboarder – Whitelines Subscription and TSA voucher
Clifford Hanson

Demon Worst Slam overall – Demon helmet and impact shorts
Madison Rowlands

Sickest Trick of the Day – Freeze Festival Weekend Tickets
Jesse Smith – double front flip

Northwave Boots most improved
Bradie Zimmer

Team Event
Runner up – Dude Central
1st place – Four Lions Bro


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  • Westbeach Snowflex Series Hits Halifax

    Here's the first of this year's Westbeach Snowflex Freestyle Series edits from that there dryslope of dryslopes Halifax. A tasty little edit from Onboard filmer Will Nangle no less, with his signature dubstep "brick in a washing machine" soundtrack! As you'd expect, the film is nicely shot an...

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