Filming Guidelines

1. We are very much after the stories behind the scenes as well as bolts riding. Please see the ideas page for the themes we are looking for. Basically film everything – it’s about those moments, snapshots and insights into the lives we lead over a winter season.

2. We would like a good selection of GV’s (General Views) and incidental shots too – travelling shots, nature, timelapses, PORTRAITS will all go into creating our film.

3. We obviously want lots of great riding in there too, but it has to be good. This means no zeaches – tricks have to be locked in and landed bolts. Get to the end of that rail, hold that grab, tweak it, style it, make it perfect. Footage of you and your lagered up mates hucking off moguls probably won’t get used, unless someone gets horrifically injured in the process – then it still won’t get used, but we’ll have a good laugh about it.

4. It will be impossible for us to use all of your footage – don’t be offended if we recut it to fit into our film, just go and listen to Foo Fighters’ There Goes My Hero and we’ll say no more about it.

5. We want this to look good, so use the best camera you can & keep it the highest quality you can until export. We’re stating 720p as a minimum guideline but if you have some killer footage that is not 720p then submit it anyway and we’ll see what we can do with it. The story is most important to us, but put the Hi8 away you hipster… and take those ridiculous shoes off.

6. Use a tripod or other means of stabilisation where possible – shaky handycam holiday footage won’t make the grade. Smooth, fluid movement is the order of the day, like a single sliver of silk.

7. Sound is very important – make it as good as you can. This involves getting up close to the sound you are recording. Remember GoPros have gash audio and make you sound like a malfunctioning robot.

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