We’ve got an idea for a new British snowboard film. We’d like to create a documentary following British snowboarders for the winter of 11/12, starting in December 2011. The idea is to showcase all the different styles, disciplines, formats and points of view in British snowboarding… only we’re not going to film anything.

We’d like to create a documentary film where people can submit footage and show what snowboarding is to them. So rather than rider sections, where riders have their season’s footage in a video part, we’d do it chronologically with lots of different riders and styles all interweaving… to create a giant diary of a season in UK snowboarding.

We’re after interesting stories, events and experiences to be submitted. This could be a rider’s view on a trip to a competition, or a piece on nailing a new trick, a roadtrip, film premiere, photography session…. you get the idea. We basically want to cover all aspects of snowboarding throughout the season.

Image quality is an issue that needs to be thought about, but we’re working on the assumption that most participants have, or have access to some form of high definition camera. We will issue guidelines on filming and technical aspects in due course.

As far as riding goes, we only want high-level, legitimate bangers, but most important is the story. Live action, interviews with people explaining what’s going on, incidental shots – GV’s and cutaways, travelling shots, timelapses etc will all go into forming our portrait of a season.

The only other stipulation is that we would like the footage for this project to be fresh and original, so no footage that has been used before and released on the web or otherwise, unless of course it’s integral to the new piece you’re submitting.

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