Burton High 5 2010 – Tamworth

The first stop of the 2010 Burton High5 Tour arrives at Tamworth Snowdome.

Senior Males.
1st — George Woolley.
2nd — Ross Needham.
3rd — Andy Nudds.

Junior Males.
1st –Will Smith.
2nd — Calum Paton.
3rd — Jordy Gee.

Kids Males.
1st — Jake Terry.
2nd — Harvey Ormerod.

Senior Females.
1st — Lynsey Ashdown.
2nd — Kirsty Smith.
3rd — Emily Meade.

Junior Females.
1st — Katie Ormerod.
2nd — Fiona Sweetman.
3rd — Natalie Silkstone.

Kids Females.
1st — Becky Menday.

Fat Cat Daddies – What Comes Around
Gooze – Devil’s Den

Used with permission under podsafe licence from musicalley.com


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